Song of Pride

CHoir for Copters

On a busy Saturday morning at the end of May the choir formed up at Pride Hill Shopping centre in Shrewsbury and began singing as shoppers were walking by….many stopped to listen as the choir performed a number of songs including the Louis Armstrong classic ‘Wonderful World’. Shrewsbury Police MVC similarly gathered at the Charles Darwin Centre to create a memorable shopping experience for tourists and townspeople alike.

The whole musical event was staged on behalf of the Air Ambulance who celebrate 25 years of service to the public, and their collectors were on hand to gratefully receive any donations. By the end of the morning more than £300 had been raised and one of the volunteer organisers Gina Constable said “thank you all so much for your time, effort and wonderful voices, you were a joy to listen to….thank you all on behalf of myself and my fellow volunteers and all of us at Midlands Air Ambulance”

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